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Want to know how much these celebrities earn per SECOND?



Thanks to their talent or their ability to know how to take advantage of their image and fame, these celebrities have managed to accumulate large amounts of money 

We would like mere mortals to earn money for doing nothing! Find out which are the most famous winners this year … And the amount increases every day. I feel a little jealous!


1. Beyonce ($ 4 per second)

This woman earns money even for breathing; her Tour Formation World Tour managed to raise 250 million dollars in five months. In addition to the recent release of her album Lemonade.

The singer’s income comes not just from music, Beyoncé launched a clothing brand with the name of Ivy Park and also has her own company: Parkwood Entertainment and for every advertising, post she cashes in a million dollars.

2. Martin Garrix ($ 0.75 per second)

The 21-year-old is one of the three most expensive DJs in the world, his participation in festivals and clubs has filled him with juicy profits.


3. Stephen King ($ 0.57 per second)

Last year, 1.9 million copies of his books were sold in the United States, his novel End of Watch. King donates part of his huge proceeds to charity, as a cancer fund and scholarships for students.


4. Emma Stone ($ 1 per second)

The protagonist of La Land: A Love Story, became the highest paid actress in the world.According to Forbes calculations, Emma receives 3.5 million dollars for the recording of the 10 episodes of the Maniac series. Not bad, huh?


5.JK Rowling ($ 3.67 per second)

Books from the first hardcover edition of Harry Potte and the Philosopher ‘s Stone has made this female writer a fortune


6. Justin Bieber ($ 3.23 per second)

For Bieber, the main income comes from his tours. The composer is also advertising model of Calvin Klein and has his own app called JustMoji icons. Another part of his income comes from his YouTube channel.


4. Adele ($ 2.67 per second)

Her voice and her 25th  album promotion tour were her main source of income. she makes  3.8 million dollars per city while touring. The interpreter also runs three large companies: Adkins Touring Ltd, Melted Stone Limited, Melted Stone Publishing Ltd.


8. David Copperfield ($ 2.39 per second)

Only with tickets to his show at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, this famous magician has made $ 50 million annually for 13 years. Thanks to this large amount of money you can afford to collect antiques and the value of its famous collection amount to 500 million dollars.

In addition to magic, Copperfield buys entire archipelagos which he later leases to other celebrities for a “modest” price of $ 40,000 a night, wow!


9. Vin Diesel ($ 2.11 per second)

This year Forbes has this actor ranked  as one of the highest paid actors, and not surprisingly, all the movies in which he participates in are almost surefire, for example , the eighth installment of Fast and Furious which grossed at the box office 1.2 billion dollars and also XXX: Reactivated and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2


10. Kim Kardashian ($ 1.76 per second)

The reality show star has multiple sources of revenue, including the Kimoji application and a game for smartphones Kim Kardashian: Hollywood t of its profits. Another important part of her income comes through Instagram, Kim receives 200 thousand dollars for each publication. In addition, the events to which she is invited to have granted her almost one million dollars.

Her fixed income appears for the reality show that starts with her family Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which makes her 80 thousand dollars per chapter. And that’s not all, Kim, alongside with her sisters, owns a business of beauty products and clothing production with the name Kardashian Beauty and Kardashian Collection.

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10 David Hasselhoff’s Crazy Cameos on Movie and TV




 10 unforgettable Cameos by David Hasselhoff, an actor who does not really take himself seriously.


Not even hurt ! (Dodgeball) (2004)


The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017)


SpongeBob – The Movie (2004)


Arnold and Willy season 6 episodes 16 and 17 (1983)


A Dirty Shame (2004)


Hop (2010)


Baywatch – Alert to Malibu (2017)


Piranha 3D 2 (2011)


Sons of Anarchy season 4 episode 5 (2011)


“Sorry For Party Rocking” – LMFAO clip (2011)

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Ben Affleck admits that some critics against Batman V Superman are justified




In an interview with Empire, Ben Affleck said he understood the critics considering “Batman V Superman” too dark while promising that “Justice League” would be a very different movie in terms of tone.

No pity for Batman VS Superman. Since its release in theaters in March 2016, Zach Snyder’s ” All-Star Game” between the great superheroes of DC has suffered from multiple attacks and bad reviews, coming from both the press and of the public. While continuing in parallel a very beautiful career at the box office, the film, judged too dark, too serious and sometimes incoherent, put off many fans.

For his part,  Ben Affleck has also several times expressed his opinion on the movie, but to bring the qualities and to qualify, rightly, as the biggest success in his career. “During a junket, he had had the misfortune to let Henry Cavill defend the film when the subject of the critics had been approached, sporting a sad and almost desperate face that had then been transformed into a meme on the Internet.

But, apart from that, the actor had, up to now, not really given reason to the slayers of his film. In the pages of Empire, which this month devoted a special issue to  Justice League, the next DC Universe

” I can understand why people say that [the movie] was too dark or that it was not in the tone of what they used to see in a Batman story. is a fair criticism.

Justice League, which will bring together Batman and Wonder Woman around the superhero league, should have a lighter tone, in line with Wonder Woman. According to Affleck, this change of tone was not decided after the bashing suffered by Batman V Superman but was a fair evolution of things, planned from the start:

” It was already in the script and installed before [Batman V Superman] went out.” The approach had to change for the second movie anyway, it was part of a natural progression (…)  Zack Snyder wanted to do a film that is more fun, lighter and not overloaded with too heavy melodrama. “

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Batman gathers his warriors in Justice League’s first TV commercial




A few days after the trailer,   “Justice League” TV commercial sees Batman gathering his warriors for the titanic battle that awaits them. The film will be released in theaters next November!

Enemies are coming, I need warriors!” This is the rallying cry of Bruce Wayne in the Justice League TV commercial, where Batman’s alter-ego harangues his troops, composed of Wonder Woman, Aquaman,  Flash, and Cyborg.

After the death of Superman, fatally wounded in his battle against Doomsday, the Black Knight set out to compose the Justice League, an alliance of superheroes capable of defending the Earth against any threat. And the first enemy to confront this shock team is none other than the redoubtable Steppenwolf, an immortal God endowed with many destructive powers.

Directed by Zack Snyder, with the support of Joss Whedon, Justice League will be released in theaters November 17th.

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