United Airline at it again:Passenger claims his booking was cancelled for a video

Complaints against United Airlines has been on the rise, ever since the infamous incident of an Asian doctor been assaulted on the flight went viral. Since then scores of complaint have come to light with latest being a passenger flown 3000 miles in the wrong direction! While investigations for many such cases are one, yet another video is going viral that has captured the “lack of customer service” provided by the American company.

With the viral video, the United passenger is claiming that the airline canceled his flight for filming a dispute with one of its employee at the baggage counter.

Thirty-seven-year-old Navang Oza was checking-in on Monday (May 8) for a flight from New Orleans to San Francisco when he complained to a United agent about a $300 charge for his luggage. Oza said he paid $125 for the same bag on the first leg of his trip and enquired why he must pay extra this time.

Unable to get an explanation, he decided to record the entire ordeal as an evidence. But saw him filming the interaction, the irked agent protested and threatened to either “call the cops” or cancel his booking. The viral footage shows the lady telling a colleague to “cancel the reservation” before she turned on her own mobile camera and started recording him.

After his video went viral, Oza told KNTV news that he was shocked because he didn’t know she had the right to cancel the flight because he started recording the dispute.

With repetitive incidents tainting the image of the company, United Airlines told KNTV News that they are investigating the incident. “The video does not reflect the positive customer experience we strive to offer, and for that, we apologize. We are reviewing this situation, including talking with Mr. Oza and our employees to better understand what happened,” United said in a statement.