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Top 10 YouTube Videos Exceeding a Billion Views



As of January 2017, 47 videos have exceeded 1 billion views, with the top four exceeding 2 billion.

Here are the top 10 most watched youtube videos ever:


1) “Gangnam Style” — Psy

Views: 2.83 billion
Uploaded: July 2012


2) “See You Again” — Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Views: 2.70 billion
Uploaded: April 2015


3) “Sorry” — Justin Bieber

Views: 2.48 billion
Uploaded: October 2015


4) “Uptown Funk” — Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Views: 2.41 billion
Uploaded: November 2014


5)“Masha and the Bear” — Get Movies

Views: 2.12 billion
Uploaded: January 2012


6) “Shake It Off” — Taylor Swift

Views: 2.11 billion views
Uploaded: August 2014


7) “Bailando” — Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemar Bueno and Gente De Zona

Views: 2.08 billion
Uploaded: April 2014


8) “Blank Space” — Taylor Swift

Views: 2.04 billion
Uploaded: November 2014


9) “Lean On” — Major Lazer and DJ Snake ft. MØ

Views: 2.01 billion views
Uploaded: March 2015


10) “Sugar” — Maroon 5

Views: 2 billion
Uploaded: January 2015

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The most beautiful pictures in the annual “National Geographic” competition




National Geographic magazine has launched its annual 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year, setting the deadline for submissions on November 17.

The winner of the grand prize will receive $ 10,000 and professionals and enthusiasts alike can participate in the competition and win the prestigious prize by offering a unique view of wildlife and landscapes.

A series of competing images were published through National Geographic, as well as on its official Web site and on its official accounts on social networking sites. Photo taken from several regions around the world using high-tech cameras, as well as aerial snapshots of aircraft, helicopters, and drones.

The following is a collection of photos in the National Geographic Contest for the best nature photographer of 2017:

National Geographic / Florian Ledoux

National Geographic / Stefan Thaler

National Geographic / Wojciech Kruczynski

National Geographic / Florian Ledoux

National Geographic / Magali Chesnel

National Geographic / (Nick Johanson


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The finest microscopic photos ever!




Surrounded by a strange and hidden world of wonderful objects and shapes, can only be detected using a microscope.

To honor the beauty and the scientific importance of microscopic images, the ” Nikon Small World ” competition was launched. The awards were awarded to researchers and photography enthusiasts who took a collection of the most impressive photos ever.

The top 20 entries were selected on the basis of technology, subject matter, and image aesthetics, displaying more than 2000 photographs taken around the world.

The following are some of the most beautiful pictures of the winner:


Pollen germs

Dr. David A. Johnston / Nikon Small World (Pollen germs)


Two eggs of the butterfly Maestra

David Millard / Nikon Small World (Two eggs of the butterfly Maestra)


Catarina Moura, Dr. Sumeet Mahajan, Dr. Richard Oreffo, and Dr. Rahul Tare / Nikon Small World (Colored cartilage tissue is like a Christmas tree)


Steven Simon / Nikon Small World (Close-up of the 3D credit card logo)


Levon Biss / Nikon Small World (A variety of bees radiates as the minerals)


Christian Gautier / Nikon Small World (Structures of sea cucumber)


Jean-Marc Babalian / Nikon Small World (The picture won the third place prize, representing a colony of vulva algae, a multiracial race of green algae)


Dr. Bram van den Broek, Andriy Volkov, Dr. Kees Jalink, Dr. Nicole Schwarz, and Dr. Reinhard Windof (This image won first place, showing keratin structures in skin cells)


Tracy Scott / Nikon Small World (Colony of fungi in soil)


Dr. Csaba Pinter / Nikon Small World (Licorice insects)

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The strangeness of the lost tribes! (photo)




Photographer Tariq Zaïdi, who lives in London, took pictures of the hairstyles of the isolated tribes in the countryside of Angola.

Zaidi obtained the photos during his tour of the southern African country in search of “lost tribes.”

Through his footage, the photographer sought to show the lifestyles and customs of people living in these isolated rural communities.

There are prominent features in the images are the hats and exotic hairstyles adopted by women and how they represent their status within their groups.

Tariq Zaïdi

Zaidi found that women are very proud of the hairstyles and traditional clothes they wear.

Tariq Zaïdi

Hairstyles can take hours to get to the final look because of the many details they include, including hair curls with straw, and goat-like hair with some other additions to decorate.

The rapid development of Angola thanks to oil has raised many fears that isolated tribal communities are at risk of vanishing.

Tariq Zaïdi

Tribes and different ethnic groups tend to gather in certain areas of the country, preserving all their customs, languages and history.

There are in Angola more than 90 different ethnic groups, located on the border with Namibia and Botswana from the south and east of Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north.

Tariq Zaïdi

Among the communities that appeared in the images: Hemba, Mwila, Mukoroka and the Mukos tribes.

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