Pen is capable of diagnosing the most insidious disease in just 10 seconds

US scientists have announced a new device capable of identifying cancer tissue in just 10 seconds

a team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin is designing a “mask” pen, capable of providing immediate diagnosis of cancer, which will help doctors make surgery to remove tumors faster, safer and more accurate.

The pen is scheduled to arrive in the operating theaters as soon as possible by 2018

Doctors can use it simply by placing it on tissue that is suspected of being infected with the disease, leaving it for a few seconds to read the partial structure of the tissue, and then the results on the computer screen will either be “normal” or “cancer.”

The number of patients who relapse after removal of cancer tissue can be reduced and more operations are required to fight the disease, the researchers say.

When tested, the MASPEC Registry can distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue at 96% in real time while the patient is at the operating table.

Developers hope they can remove all traces of the malignant mass, reducing the risk of leaving cancer cells behind.

Doctors are currently relying on an inguinal tissue scan to diagnose cancer during surgery, but this procedure takes 30 minutes to prepare and then the results should be presented to the doctor for evaluation.

Speed is an important factor because the longer the patient is at the operating table, the greater the risk of infection or complications from anesthesia.

For some types of cancers, an erythematous tissue test is not very reliable, as it can produce false results in up to 20% of cases.

Initial tests on the MASPEC Registry confirmed its diagnostic speed of up to 150 times faster than the conventional methods currently in place.

The new device has been tested on 253 samples as part of the study, and future plans are designed to continue testing for further improvements before being tested during operations next year


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