“NASA” warns of imminent danger that will come out of the heart of the earth

When it comes to worrying about the impending catastrophic events, it comes to mind that the worst would be the outbreak of a third world war.

But, according to NASA, there is something more dangerous to our planet, and lies beneath our feet, a phenomenon of “enormous volcanoes” or “supervolcanoes”.

More than 20 volcanoes on the planet have the title “super volcanoes”, with large explosions occurring on average every 100,000 years. NASA says only one eruption can pose a threat to mankind, bigger than the threat of asteroids. Luckily, the US space agency has devised a plan to prevent the disaster.

Yellowstone National Park in the United States hides Caldera Yellowstone’s massive 30-mile-long crater, which is filled with molten volcanic rocks and is responsible for the hot springs of the region. But for NASA scientists, it is also one of the greatest natural threats to human civilization. It is the center of a huge volcano. If it explodes, molten matter will melt hundreds of miles to burn everything within 60 miles.

But the destruction will not stop there, as the dust and gases caused by the eruption of the volcano can destroy crops and plunge the world into a “volcanic winter” that could last for decades and kill millions.

The NASA team says their plan, first published by the BBC, could prevent a volcanic eruption by “suctioning” heat from the volcanic peak and converting geothermal energy into electricity

If researchers can extract more heat than the volcano will never erupt.

According to the plan, it will drill up to 10 km down the volcano, pump water under high pressure, and the water will return to 350 ° C (662 ° F), which will slowly draw the heat day by day from the volcano.


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