Meet E.M.I.L.Y the robot lifeguard

Made by maritime robotics company Hydronalix, it’s a remote-controlled buoy that can cruise through strong currents and heavy surf at speeds of up to 22 mph. That allows it to go a heck of a lot faster than any human lifeguard ever could, ensuring they’ll have a better shot of making it to a drowning swimmer in a timely fashion.

EMILY is a four-foot long buoy that looks like a floating heavy bag. Powered by a jet pump with an inlet grate, it comes with no rudders or propellers that can harm the victims it’s looking to save, with enough grab handles to support up to eight people at a time. It can only run up to 800 yards at a time, so it’s not quite suitable for long-distance swimming rescue missions, although it can be used to pull a rescue recovery line, which can then be used to reel rescued swimmers either to a boat or back to shore.

EMILY has a tag price of $10,000.