Hurricane Jose makes a strange loop in the ocean

As the hurricane season reaches its peak, Hurricane Jose raging in the Atlantic Ocean with winds of more than 120 km / h, has a rather unusual trajectory

This Category 1 cyclone storm, closely monitored by the authorities, is a 360-degree loop and was on Tuesday more than 1000 km east of Florida.

Jose should continue on his way as a hurricane and could gain strength during the loop.

According to the latest forecasts, as reported by CNN, Jose could approach the Bahamas and the United States this weekend

National Weather Service

On the other hand, most weather models indicate that Jose will stay off in the sea, and will move away from the coasts.

However, nothing is less certain because of its astonishing trajectory.

Jose’s impacts will nevertheless be felt along the American east coast. The sea will be very agitated because of the strong winds brought by Jose, and the “rip current” or more dangerous pulling currents.



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