“Game of Thrones Tours” in Europe

The shooting locations of the series, which began its seventh broadcast season, are still attracting more tourists. Several countries in Europe have made it a strong marketing argument.

The enthusiasm for the Game of Thrones series is a delight for the European regions that have served as shooting locations for the mythical scenes of Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister. Iceland, Northern Ireland, Spain, and Croatia have hosted the teams in the series for several seasons. Some places have gained in passing an international tourist fame with explosion of attendance at the key. So much so that cities or agencies ended up organizing themselves thematic tours for the fans.

Dubrovnik, the orange city that serves as a setting for Port-Real

A historic place: the old town of the Croatian capital. The Viator site offers a three-hour circuit in the footsteps of the heroes, accompanied by a guide who tells all the anecdotes about the precise places where the actors have given the reply during seasons 2 to 5. With its unique architecture, red-orange roofs and its ramparts, this site is classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It serves as the setting for the town of Port-Real (King’s Landing) in fiction.

Reykjavik, land, and nature

A whole day – six hours in total -in the footsteps of the heroes of the series. Direction: Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and another site where scenes of characters called white walkers were filmed. Do not miss the valley of Thjorsárdalur and the throats of Thingvellir, accompanied by a local guide who explains behind the scenes of the shooting and allows to appreciate even more the beauty of the landscapes.

Belfast, the strange atmosphere

For the space of a day, visitors come to the Giant’s Causeway, a volcanic formation that has been on the Unesco World Heritage List for thirty-one years and then on the Dark Hedges road Route du Roi in French), an alley of trees became a real place of fascination because of the dark atmosphere that reigns there. It served as the setting for one of the scenes from Season 2 episode 2, when Arrya Stark escapes after her father’s beheading. This tour is also an opportunity to admire the coastal landscapes, as well as the caves of Cushendun in the county of Antrim, in which the character of Melisander gives birth to the shadow.

Girona, the sunny


Eight hours in Girona, medieval city seen through the eyes of characters like Tyrion, Cersei, Joffrey, Sansa, and Jaime. A walk through King’s Landing scenery and the opportunity to walk through the aisles whose architecture will recall some of the scenes from the series, including Season 6, as well as the Jewish Quarter of the city. Moreover, the guide shows scenes in video and then the place to make the comparison between fiction and reality.

Malta, the only

This one-day course was set up by two local actors who had a role in the series. “We want to revive with you the emotions we shared in the different localities used and take you to areas off the beaten path,” they say on the website that offers the tour. Thus, GOT enthusiasts can see the old forts, parks and streets where the cameras have landed. Then drive to the gardens of King’s Landing, the village of Lhazar, the village of Mdina.



Credti: lefigaro


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