The country where the customer is truly king

From high-tech toilets to disposable umbrellas to multi-service mini-supermarkets, Japanese daily life is facilitated by attention to detail and the willingness of manufacturers and traders to offer an outstanding service.

Customer focus is rooted in Japanese culture,” said Kazuhiro Watanabe, a consumer trends hunter in the Nikkei BP group. “Here we advance our desires, this value is transformed into object, behavior or action”.


And foreign visitors also benefit from this “omotenashi” (Japanese hospitality) that Tokyo intends to further strengthen for the Olympic Games of 2020.

Non-exhaustive flourish during a typical day in Tokyo.



The alarm rings. Head to the toilet. The archipelago is famous for the sophistication of its toilets, with jets of washing, heated bowl, artificial water to cover any annoying noise, etc.

The public toilets, always clean and impeccable, are often equipped with a seat to lay down their infant for relief.


No time to eat breakfast, you’re heading to work. On the way, buy a snack at the “konbini”, multiservice mini-market open day and night where one can also, among other things, pay his electricity bills or get socks and spare shirt.


At the worst, there will always be a canned coffee (hot or cold) thanks to the 2 million vending machines of beverages that mark the streets of all the cities and towns of the country.


It’s raining! no problem, transparent umbrellas under 3 dollars are available almost everywhere. Before entering the office, you slip it in a plastic bag provided at the entrance to avoid turning the premises into a wading pool. At the reception of the town halls or museums, it can be left to a padlock deposit.

Besides these daily conveniences, Japan is full of unusual objects. A book-pillow to work at work, a shirt fan for the days of great heat or unlike heaters to slip into his pockets or stick on his clothes during the glacial winters (“kairo”), a refrigerator that indicates that the door has remained open …

“This type of objects have existed for a long time, I think the Japanese like to invent useful and unusual utensils at the same time. They are very strong in improving existing products, rather than in creating a concept from scratch, “says Watanabe.

So Japan ideal country? Everything is so under control, the client is completely taken care of, “we do not let him do what he wants, it’s the other side of the coin,” Watanabe said.


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