A monstrous marine creature discovered after Hurricane Harvey

A young woman working for a Texas conservation company made a strange discovery on a Texas City beach after Hurricane Harvey.

Preeti Desai, asked the users of Twitter on September 6th to identify the strange thing.

The creature that does not seem to have eyes, a long head, and a stretched mouth with several very sharp teeth, seems to have come straight out of a science fiction film.

“At first glance, it sounds like a creature from the deep sea,” she told the Earth Touch News Network .


“My first thought was that it was a sea lamprey, but when I approached, I realized that it was absolutely not that, especially looking at his mouth. We manipulated it a bit, and even when we turned it around, we had no idea what it was. ”

So she put the photos on social media hoping for answers from scientists.

The biologists who answered Preeti Desai thought it was an eel, but the type of species remained unknown, reports the Mail Online. Eels are migratory snake fish.

After some analysis, experts believe it would be an eel “aplatophis chauliodus”, or “fangtooth snake-eel”. This species occurs in the Gulf of Mexico. Eels are difficult to observe since they spend most of their time in deep water.

These sea snakes also have eyes, but they are very small. The eyes of the eel found by Desai probably decomposed before its discovery. The identification of the creature, however, is not formal, and the mystery remains.


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