80% of tap water around the world is polluted

 A study by the Orb Media Center for Environmental Studies indicates that tap water samples from around the world are contaminated with “plastic fibers”

The British Guardian has published an exclusive report showing the findings of the study, which alarms scientists to speed up their research into the health implications.

According to the study, by analyzing dozens of samples of “tap water” in more than 12 countries, scientists found that 83% of samples were contaminated, with the United States having the highest pollution, 94%, of samples from various facilities including US Congress buildings, US Environmental Protection Agency. Lebanon and India also achieved the highest levels of pollution after the United States.

photo by Robert Simmons

The European countries, including the United Kingdom, German, and France, had the lowest pollutant water, accounting for 72% of all samples taken. The average number of fibers in the United States was 4.8 per 500 mm, and in Europe 1.9 per 500 mm.

These findings indicate the prevalence of environmental pollution worldwide, and research previously focused on plastic pollution in the oceans, which also indicated that people eat plastic fibers through contaminated seafood.

“We do not know what the health impact is,” said Dr. Mary Mahon. , And that is why prevention is better than cure, and we have to do enough now, so we can know the real risks.

Photo by Richard Kirby/Courtesy of Orb Media

There are two main pollutants: very small plastic particles and chemicals,” said Mahon, “if the fibers are there, there could be nanoparticles that can not be measured. Once the nanometer is in the nanometer range, it can actually penetrate the cell, Body organs, and this is a concern. ”

“It has become very clear for a long time that plastic releases these chemicals inside the intestines,” said Professor Richard Thompson of the University of Plymouth in Britain. , And his research has shown that organic plastic is found in a third of the fish caught in the UK.

The report says that the volume of contamination of fine plastic fibers in the world is clear, as German studies found fibers and shrapnel in all the drinks that tested, as found in honey and sugar.

In Paris, researchers found there, in 2015, the presence of micro-plastic fibers falling from the air, they estimate that they receive 3 to 10 tons of fiber annually in the city.

The new research tested 159 samples using standard technique, with samples from all over the world, including from Uganda, Ecuador, and Indonesia. “We really believe that lakes and other bodies of water can be contaminated by the contents of the atmosphere,” he said. “What we noticed in Paris is tilted,” said Dr. Johnny Gaspery of Paris-Crétiel University, who conducted studies in Paris. To prove that the atmosphere contains a large amount of fiber.



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