What!!! 6 hours of shooting to Realize they were the wrong couple

Wedding proposals are supposed to be dreamy, and a lot of careful thinking and planning go into it. It is no surprise then when a man from Wisconsin contacted photographer Jacob Peters to capture the exact moment when he would propose to his girlfriend at Hawks Bill Crag in Arkansas, US, at sunrise. But the plan, which was supposed to be a secret, fulfilled a completely different purpose when the photographer ended up clicking a different couple by mistake.

Uh oh! And he didn’t even know who the couple was.

According to a report in The Independent, Peters duly accepted the offer from the would-be groom, and left his place at 2.30 am to reach the spot on time. He also hiked for an hour, carrying around 13kg of equipment, and then set up to shoot a couple’s proposal from a distance. As there was no signal in that area, Jacobs could not contact his client.

The couple came, she said yes, and Peters captured those moments from a distance. Everything till then seemed to go according to plan. “I stick around for 10-15 minutes after, just taking photos. Then they sit down to watch the sunrise and I figured my job’s done, I’ll pack up and hike out,” Peters wrote in a post on Facebook.

However, it was after Peters messaged his client, congratulating him and assuring that the photographs had come out well, that the photographer realized the blunder he had made.

“I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us?” was the reply he received.

The photographer took to Facebook to share this bizarre turn of events, and wrote, “So basically I spent 6 and half hours, 40$ in gas and food, 450 photos, and took the wrong couples photos.” At the same time, he also appealed on Facebook to help him reach out to the actual couple in the photos.

And to his wonder, he did.

“The couple has been found and contacted and they now have their photos,” he later wrote.

Here are the post and the photographs.

Comedy of errors. (Source: JP Photography/ Facebook)