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10 Children from different countries with completely different breakfasts



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day we must eat healthy things to start our daily work with energy. Eggs, toast, a glass of juice or milk and fruit are often the classic choice for many, but have you wondered what others consume in other parts of the world at?

1 . Estambul, Turquía – Oyku Ozarslan

Breakfast: Whole wheat bread, black and green olives, nutella, tomato slices, boiled egg, strawberry jam, honey butter and a variety of goat and cow cheeses.

2. Chitdze, Malaui – Emily Kathumba

Breakfast: Cake made from corn flour, onion, garlic and peppers, along with a sweet potato and cooked pumpkin, dried flower juice sweetened with sugar.

3. Tokyo, Japan – Koki Hayashi

Breakfast: Fried green peppers with dried fish, soy sauce and sesame seeds, raw egg mixed with soy sauce on a plate of hot rice, lotus root, gobo and carrot garnished with sesame oil, miso soup, grapes, slices of pear and milk.

4. Sao Paulo, Brazil – Hakim Jorge and Aricia Dominga Ferreira

Breakfast: Coffee with milk, ham, cheese and bread with butter.

5. Reykjavík, Iceland – Birta Gudrun Brynjarsdottir

Breakfast: A dish of porridge called hafragrautur , made with brown sugar, maple syrup, butter, buttermilk known as orsurmjolk , lyci  and cod oil.

6. Amsterdam,  Netherlands – Viv Bourdrez

Breakfast: A glass of milk, bread with unsalted butter and pieces of chocolate or sweet grajeas.

7. Chitedze, Malawi – Phillip and Shellen Kamtengo

Breakfast: Cereal grains cooked in water known as gacha , corn flour buns, cooked potatoes, fruit and black tea with one or two tablespoons of sugar.

8. Paris, France – Nathanaël Witschi Picard

Breakfast: Kiwi, baguette with butter and blackberry jam, orange juice and cereal.

9. Istanbul, Turkey – Doga Gunce Gorsoy

Breakfast:   Mix of honey and cream called kaymak on toast, black and green olives, fried eggs with chorizo, butter, boiled eggs, thick syrup of grapes with tahini , variety of cheeses made from goat, cow and sheep milk, quince jam and cranberry, cake and bread, tomato, cucumber, radish and other fresh vegetables, milk and orange juice.

10. Tokyo, Japan – Saki Suzuki

Breakfast: A fermented soy dish called nattu, cooked white rice, miso soup, pumpkin cooked in soy sauce and sweet sake, canned cucumbers, egg tortilla and smoked salmon.

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7 Children of dictators and murderers who didn’t follow the foot steps of their parents




They say out there that “of such a stick, such a sliver,” but these seven cases prove to us that is not necessarily true; these are the children of some of the most ruthless men in history who decided to change the course of their destiny and not follow the example that their parents gave them. For example, Osama bin Laden’s son is a successful businessman, or the daughter of one of the most wanted serial killers is now dedicated to helping the victims of her own father.


Anyway, do you want to know their stories? Keep reading!


1. Fidel Castro / Alina Fernández

Alina Fernandez is the daughter of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, is also a CNN commentator, her specialty is politics, she also has a radio program in Miami .


2. Benito Mussolini / Edda Mussolini

Her father was the Italian dictator who allied with Adolf Hitler and took his country to war. When her husband refused to vote for her father-in-law, he was accused of being a traitor and shot. It was when Edda renounced her surname; years later one of his sons (grandson of Mussolini) wrote the book When the grandfather shoots daddy.


3. Keith Jesperson / Melissa G. Moore

Her father was the serial killer better known as Happy Face, allegedly killed 160 women and sent letters to the police with happy faces to tell his crimes. She was in high school when her own father confessed his crimes, many years later wrote a book called Broken Silence, the untold story of the daughter of a serial killer, which was released in 2009 and is dedicated to being an advocate of families that were affected by the murders of his father.


4. Pol Pot / Sar Patchata

He was a bloodthirsty dictator in Cambodia, accused of more than 200,000 deaths in this country; his only daughter, Sar Patchata, graduated as a master in English and is now a teacher in Malaysia, where she met her current husband.

5. Osama bin Laden / Omar bin Laden

His father was the mastermind behind the terrorist attack on September 11, 2011, but his life is very different, he is a wealthy businessman and heads of the Bin Laden Group, the successful family consortium.


6. Mao Zedong / Li Min

This man murdered thousands of people in China and subjected his people for years; his daughter decided to stay away from him and his family, studied at Peking University and was involved in politics.


7. Adolf Hitler / Jean-Marie Loret

This French man claims to be the illegitimate son of Adolf Hitler himself. on her deathbed his mother confessed that the German soldier with whom she had an affair had been the highest Nazi leader; however, this version was never confirmed because the results of the DNA tests were never revealed.

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It turns out that spiders have tiny, adorable legs




Spiders do not have very good reputation among humans, according to studies,  Spiders are the main cause of dread and screams among women, followed by mice and cockroaches … And men are guilty as well, there is nothing more imposing than a huge spider on the wall.

But did you imagine that spiders have rather adorable legs? They have eight complex limbs with tiny claws that turn out to be quite tender and help them perceive changes in the air and recognize smells. Of course, at a glance, you will not see anything, but augmented looks like the legs of any rabbit or puppy.

Look down and discover that spiders also have their fluffy, tender side,  it might even change your perception a little about them and you will not jump all over when you see one on the wall of your bathroom.















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14 Cars that only people with a lot of self-esteem would dare to drive




Cars are a reflection of the life and personality of everyone, whether you drive the most luxurious limo in the world, or an average vehicle; but not everyone is your average joe some people decided to take things to a different level,  and these  14 cars with weirdest modifications prove it.


1. The aliens are coming

2. where the sea at !!

3. Futurama in 2017

4. when two cars give birth

5. Inspector gadget’s car

6. Neither the sludge

7. And how does this car work?

8. Like when you buy your car in parts

9. This is called ruining a good classic car

10. when Jurassic Park is life

11. When your trying to fit in

12. I am Eh…

13. African lion safari

14. Just in case

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